Oh we’re rolling

 It’s happened

The fateful email Brendan sent Tom in June this year proposing to ride to Patagonia  – which he agreed to is becoming more and more real, we haven’t made one pedal yet but its only a few hours away until we meander on south and ride off into a San Franciscan sunset (towards the nearest surf break)


Since that first email a lot has happened, we decided to tell people about the trip and by that I mean not just reluctantly telling our parents.This was something we where slightly cautious about given our level of expertise in bike touring being none, our expertise in Spanish being none, neither of us riding a continent let alone two. Basically not having too much expertise in relation to this trip. But hey, we aren’t talentless – if you want us to design some landscape or do some accounting we can nail that!

So we decided to tell a few people about it, one of the first people we hit up was a creative genius by the name of Chris Nixon , meeting Nico was a good case of ‘who you know’! We thought it would be cool if we could get a logo off him, we came away with a lot more than we bargained for!


Not only did he come through with an amazing logo, he crafted an amazing video done and bunch of other stuff which was a major component in getting us in quite a few papers (a few front pages) and a few radio appearances. Check out the press section for all that stuff!

Have you been training?

Once we mention the trip to people its pretty much the first thing they ask. Brendan has been training on his surfing quite a lot, Tom not so much. Brendan has been riding to work, Tom not so much. Tom’s knee has been giving him a bit of grief, luckily Tom’s good mate Shane Scott is a physio working at Life Ready Physio. Tom told the guys there about the trip and the loved the idea and decided to get right behind us! We were stoked and since then its been a race against time to make sure all ailments a managed. Riding a bike to Patagonia will sure give us a huge physical and mental challenge and we couldn’t give enough thanks for their support!!


So the first month is going to be very tough and a shock for our bodies who are used to comfy seats with back rests as opposed to saddles that require exertion to stay upright! It should be fun, and we should get our rigs looking pretty nice for all those senoritas down south (just kidding)

Tim McCatney-Snape 

Just google this guy to see what he’s about as we won’t do enough justice but basically he is an Australian adventure legend. We managed to track him down and explain our ambitions to him and to our surprise he actually got a kick out what these two mid twenty office hacks where trying to achieve and dropped this on us!

“Often the simplest ideas are the best and the most pared back journeys the most adventurous, the ‘Dirty Two’ have nailed the idea and will for sure be dirtier and much richer for their journey. It promises to be a classic – I can’t wait to hear their tales!”

He also happens to have started one of the best outdoor gear companies on the planet and have decked out in his fine products to say we are stoked is an understatement!!

The plan

 We are less than 24 hours out from our first pedal, we’ve been kicking back in San Fran, we’ve got our route down for the first couple of weeks and although Cali has a pretty poor fall in terms of swell hopefully its all due this Winter! Ocean Beach SF was pumping today!




We’ve got our needles, bikes are sorted, trailers have been customized and music to be played!!

So right now we are lapping those comforts up and just going in with an attitude of embracing this trip and seeing where it takes us. The US should be a good intro to touring before we cross the border and speak broken Spanish for a very long time.


Talk soon.

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