Riding eight days a week

So we’ve been on the road for 3 weeks, we’ve got dirty, our bums hurt like a night gone wrong out in the Castro and its been hard work normally going to bed at about 7 p.m, got a few flats (all on the trailers) with one day resulting in Brendan and Ciaran riding about 50 k’s with a flat due not having the correct pump for the trailer, we now have the correct pump! But we aren’t complaining, this is what we wanted and so far haven’t got anything more than we have bargained for, except in the first hour of the first day where Tom decided he wouldn’t bother tightning his back wheel when assembling his bike.

You can imagine what happened luckily he wasn’t going down a hill at the time! There have also been a a fair few number of falls as with cycling it’s not if you are going to crash but when. Tom also decided this would be his speciality taking his tally up to about 5 but not to worry he is perfectly fine unfortunately brand new laptop didn’t make it through. We can guarantee it won’t be the last time for all involved.


Also US drivers are significantly more courteous then Australian drivers and the biking infrastructure far better with some nice wide shoulders all the way down from San Fran to LA and some hidden spots for toilet breaks.

The inconvenience of a adventure

We expected the unexpected before starting the trip and before even the first pedal we ended up making the decision on the day before we left to buy two extra trailers due to the weight of all surfboards on just two trailers, with the Doyle brothers not that keen to be the Lucey’s board catty’s for the journey. Resulting in a frantic rush we managed to pull it off thanks to Ciarans amazing grasp of PVC and not just been a vessel to transport human waste but surfboards to Patagonia.



Suriously Big 

So far one of the highlights of the trip so far has been Big Sur, it was a love hate relationship. Riding up a hill straight for over an hour with a bike carrying everything you own results in some pretty nice leg sculpting time and no longer are surfboards just associated as fun objects but something that causes a little extra pain! But alas, the views were well worth the squeeze! On our first morning in Big Sur we stumbled out of our tents early to a pretty hazy sky and quickly realised we were in the middle of what turned out to be a pretty hectic bush fire. So we downed some granola with evaporated milk and jumped on our bikes.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe ended up riding through what was just the beginning of a pretty big fire. As we rode up and out of the valley residents were being evacuated but we got waved through and told to keep on riding. Last we heard over 100 residents were evacuated and 34 homes were lost. After getting through the smoke and haze we realised Big Sur was pretty…Big.

And so was Ciaran’s beard.


And so were our bikes.

Appetite for..

We have realised one of the perks of riding 5 hours a day is you get a pretty big appetite, that combined on occasion with vastly cheaper prices for food in the states has resulted in some very excited boys, on one occasion Tom added to his tally of bike stacks being so excited to eat the biggest cooked chooks we have laid on eyes on for $6! Thankyou FoodMaxx you have left and lasting impression on all of us.


Should of been here yesterday

Surfing so far hasn’t been a big feature of the trip, we have got some waves but haven’t scored. With it being a case you ‘should of been here yesterday’ or which we haven’t experienced until you soley own a bike ‘it’s really good 20 miles that way’ We are hoping our luck with turn once we cross the border.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 4.40.01 pm


So now we are in LA and had our first real break for the trip.



We were all psyched to have a few beers and celebrate our first 500 km’s down and majority of California and the USA done! Unfortunately Brendan couldn’t join in those festivities as he got too excited and ate to much food and went home at 8. He couldn’t even stay out for his good mate Newbs who happened to be over for Chrissy and he won’t see again in god knows how long (what a wanker)

We spent Chrissty day with Andy and his family in a amazing house in the Hollywood Hills. It was a bit of a change to where we have been dining over the last three weeks! Brendan knows Andy as they met getting a education whilst at UWA with Andy being on exchange from the US. It was the first time they had seen each other in 8 years! On boxing day Brendan with Andy and his crew ventured to Joshua Tree.



Enter a caption

Meanwhile the rest of the boys decided to have a look around Venice to see if Pamlea was still lurking those LA beaches.

Newbs looking to no avail

Newbs looking to no avail

We couldn’t find her. But Ciaran does a pretty good impersonation of Pam.


San Deeargo 

So tomorrow we are off the the OC (que the Phamtom Planet song) and have scored a spot on a private beach for tomorrow night (in the US people can own beaches not like our communist state like Australia). Andy, his brother, girlfriend and work colleague have decided to join us for the next couple of days making it 4 Aussies 3 yanks and 1 Puerto Rican which should be a lot of fun and change the dynamic up a bit. Then it’s onto Mexico, when things should get a little more serious.

Adiós from Venice


Peace from Venice

Ride on

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  1. Great post, fewer spelling and grammar mistakes than usual for Brendan… Obviously he didn’t write it. Happy new year boys!!

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