Visit me in Argentina . The cheese and salami sandwiches never tasted so good


La Familia In this installment we go on a months adventure with part of the family. Mum, Dad and my Sister come our from Aus to travel around Chile and Argentina with me while the two brothers stick it out back home working for the man. Then its back on the road again for some Patagonian cycling.

Check out what happened in the previous installment here

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To the Promised Land and Christmas in March

Following up on some epic riding through Bolivia (check it out here) we crossed the border into norther Chile where things start to take a change of pace. With Birthdays, the festive season, family visits and thoughts of making plans for Patagonia arise we start to take our time stopping off for weeks at a time and realizing bus trips can lead to some unexpected delights. We say good-bye to german friends Anja and Marko as James, Mateo and I explore the promised lands of Chile and Argentina. – Tom

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In my last post i was hanging out in Cusco, Peru after some big mountain riding.

In this post I team up with a bunch of other cyclists as we say goodbye to Peru and mountains for a while and head towards Bolivia and get salty. Enjoy – Tom

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Catcha Colombia – Bogota to the Border – Toms Thoughts #5


Colombia. Before I jumped on my bike and before i began to pedal south, I had gathered loose bits and pieces of stuff..ideas.. thoughts on what this country might be like.

My mind could only muster up images of women with curves and bumps pouting with a seductive tone to their talk and images of possessed soccer nuts screaming and running through ramshackle streets of beaten down suburbs. Looting and plundering.

Its a bloody beautiful thing to arrive in place for the first time and only have a pretty thin idea of what it may be like. 

Colombia was a good place. And i know have more stuff..ideas and thoughts

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